Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Organizing the Linen Closet


January is a great time to get reorganized and the linen closet seems like an easy place to start. To start, we got rid of old towels and linens we weren't using, now I'd like to find a home for toilet paper, cleaning products and other things that get tossed in there. I like how the above closets use labeled containers or baskets to put those things in. I also like the towel rods installed on the inside of the closet door. It's a good place to hang linens that you don't want to get wrinkly, like table cloths and runners.

The linen closet in our master bath doesn't have a door so I used a tension rod and a cheap curtain to hide the mess that's back there. The funny thing is, every time I give a tour of our house, people look behind it ... so much for my genius mess-hiding curtain. At least now I have some inspiration on how to get our linen closet in shape. Maybe I won't be so embarrassed the next time someone looks back there.

Photos via HomeGoods and Deliciously Organized.

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