Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Divine Consign

Here at the lake, we have a few consignment shops that not only do I buy stuff from, I take things to. One is fancy, the other is mostly a bunch of junk. Yes, I could set up a garage sale, put up signs and hope somebody actually shows up, or I can take my things to a consignment shop that gets traffic and moves product. I figure a few dollars for the stuff I'm not using is much better than it taking up space.

I know prom is coming up, so last week I took my old prom dresses to the fancier shop. My favorite dress from senior year went, too. It was a bittersweet moment -- bitter because I really loved it, sweet because it sold (for $350!) while I was still filling out the papers to consign it. I only keep half of that sales price, but I'll take $175 for a dress that's been hanging for six years! Between that dress and all the other nice clothes I took, I'll probably end up with over $300!

The junkier shop definately has its purpose, too. I've taken anything from old purses to a nintendo there. Over the last year, my junk has made me about $200. This proves the old saying - "one man's junk is another man's treasure."

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