Monday, February 20, 2012

Dream Pantry

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I am in love with the idea of a hidden kitchen pantry. No more
pantry doors that, in some kitchens, just look out of
place. If we ever build our own house, I will have this.

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I also imagine little doors to the hidden pantry where I could
scoot my stand mixer, food processor and blender in and
out of. The doors above are meant for garbage and recycling
(which is a good idea, too), but I think they might be a nice
solution for storing a heavy stand mixer and freeing up a little
counter space.

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I love the look of this library ladder, but I have to wonder how
practical it is for your everyday kitchen. Knowing myself, I'd
probably end up falling down from the top with an armfull of
nice dishes. I can't see it ending well. However, something like
this may be nice in the pantry. Falling down with an arm full of
canned goods would be much less devastating.

What are things you'd have in your dream pantry?

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