Monday, November 21, 2011

Poor Little Kevin

Kevin is going to the vet today to have, what I would assume is a terrible procedure. That's right, folks, he's getting neutered today. He cries, whines, and screams for the stray female outside, and we've finally had enough. We're taking his front claws while he's there, too. Sorry, Kev.

We put it off because he never had any behavioral problems before, but since the day he ran away, got a taste of the wild and met his stray friend, he's been excessively meowing and making crazy loud mating calls. We've just finally had enough of never sleeping, and we miss peace and quiet in the house. We needed to get this done, especially with the holidays coming up and family staying with us - I'd feel terrible if he kept them awake, too.

We get to pick him up Wednesday. I hope he's not mad at us. I'm really excited about getting a full nights sleep though. I've forgotten what it felt like.

Keep 'lil Kev in your prayers.

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