Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Skirts for a Steal

On a recent trip to one of my my favorite thrift stores, I came across two great Banana Republic skirts (in my size!). I love when I find something on a thrift store rack, that if I saw in a "real store," I'd want to buy. The best part - I paid $3 for each of them.

Blazer: thrifted - $3.80
Blouse: thrifted - $3.50
Skirt: thrifted - $3
(You can't see my shoes, but I got them at Target for $7)

Entire outfit under $18!

Necklace: thrifted - $2
Shirt: Charlotte Russe (old) - on clearance for $3
Skirt: thrifted: $3
Shoes: Another Target clearance steal (old) - $8

That's right - a $16 outfit!

I'll bet the original price of one of the skirts is more than what I paid for both of these entire outfits. And that's why I love thrift stores.

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