Monday, November 7, 2011

Living Room Revamp

I've been in the mood to redecorate my house lately. It's probably because it's the only thing that will keep me from decorating for Christmas this early. I've been wanting to work on the living room, but could never figure out quite what it needed to be "complete." Over the weekend I finally figured it out.

As a starting place, I decided to switch the lampshades from our bedroom with the ones in the living room. That was a quick (and free) improvement. Next, Jeff took down the ugly landlord-provided Venetian blinds that haunted the sliding door to the deck. That was another huge improvement. Then we thought white curtains might look good so we bought a curtain rod and white curtains, put them up, and hated them. I'm glad I kept the receipt.

I went to Home Goods to look for something different. While looking, I came across some pretty, silky, textured, golden-yellow curtains (for $9.99 each!). I had a few other golden yellow things in the living room so I picked them up and carried them with me while I continued to browse. Then, something magical happened - I found pillows that matched my area rug ($20 for a set of two)!  The rug is a slate blue/blue gray color that nothing ever matches. I held the yellow curtains up to them and they actually looked really nice together! I knew I had something good going.

I've been wanting to find a couple throws to go over the couch and chair, but have never had any luck. Poof! Home Goods worked some blanket magic and had two golden yellow knitted throws. It apparently was my lucky day because they were the cheapest throws in the whole section - only $12 each! I couldn't wait to get home and test the new stuff out.

I was afraid of what Jeff would say when I walked in with two big bags. He was skeptical, but after everything was in place, he was as happy as I was. Everything went together perfectly and looked really great.

For under $80, our living room was transformed into my favorite room in the house. I'm a little sad all my "fun money" for the month is gone, but I'm happy it went to something I'll enjoy everyday.

Here's a look at the updated living room.

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