Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - The tale of the home haircut

When we were dating, Jeff and I would go get haircuts each month. Usually I'd get
mine colored, too. Without even thinking, we were spending over $120 a month on hair!

For the wedding, I decided to grow my hair out. I got a few trims the year we were engaged, and after a few (not-so-great) home dye jobs, I found a home hair color that worked for me. My hair bill went from $1000/year to less than $150 a year. Much better!

Jeff was still getting monthly hair cuts. Recently, he bought a $25 haircut kit and trusted me to cut his hair. Mistake? Maybe.

The first time I cut his hair, we set up the "barber shop" on the deck. I was really uncomfortable with the clippers in my hand. I felt like one of the pranksters on Jackass going up behind someone and buzzing a big bald spot on their head. It was awkward. The clippers were heavy. I was so scared I was going to mess up.

I almost made it through the first haircut - it wasn't looking too bad. Then, something terrible happened. I may or may not have accidentally taken a big chunk of hair off the back of his head (I did). You may or may not have been able to see his scalp (you could). I messed up.

He took it pretty well, I think. We laughed a lot, he may have secretly cried - I'm not sure. I tried to blend the bald spot in, and really, it wasn't the worst thing ever, but the blending made the rest of his hair very very short. The next day at work, his co-workers were asking when he joined the military. They called him sargeant (I can't blame them, it was pretty high and tight).

Luckily his hair grew fast, and he's fully recovered now. I think we're up to three home hair cuts and have already saved $50! I'm getting a little better each time - figuring out the right attachments, blending with scissors - I'm practically a professional. Well, maybe that's a stretch, but I'm getting there. In the long run, having me learn to cut his hair will save us about $300 a year!

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