Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a great weekend!

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Happy Friday, friends! This weekend I'm planning on deep cleaning my house.
It could use a good dusting and closet organizing. Also, I'm on the hunt for throw pillows that match my slate blue living room rug.  And, there's always the never-ending search for an affordable, ultra-thin console table. So far, both are impossible missions. Maybe a trip to my favorite thrift stores will help.

Here are a few posts I enjoy from around the Web. Maybe you will, too.

Jaw-dropping New York home tour.

Super-cool chandelier.

Cozy slippers for winter.

Three ways to dress up a winter coat.

Clever glass jar typography.

What I need to do to our master bedroom closet.

Effective cat storage.

Cute way to address envelopes.

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Jenna said...


I still read your blog all the time when I need a break from homework. Apparently we have very similar tastes. I really love how you decorated your living room! I also really like cats (and also the "effective cat storage" link.)

Hope your Wednesday is super!


Amanda DeWit said...

Hey, Jenna!

Thanks for reading and for the complements! The cat storage picture made me laugh a lot. I'm glad you liked it, too.

Happy Wednesday!