Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - movie night

This may come as a shock, but going to see movies in theaters can be expensive! OK, so not that shocking, but you may not realize how much you're spending until you compare renting a movie versus going to the theater.

Jeff and I occasionally go see movies, but generally we rent or buy DVDs. We are big fans of Redbox and $5 DVD bins.

Here's a breakdown of what we might spend on an at-home movie night.

Rebox movie - $1.07 (sometimes less if I have a coupon code)
Big bag of M&Ms - $3.50
Air popped popcorn - under $1 for a giant bowl
Soda - .59 cents for a 2-liter (we buy the store brand)
Total - $6.16 (I suppose we could live without the M&Ms and cut the cost to $2.66)

Here's what we might spend if we went to the movie theater.

Two movie tickets - $18 (sometimes more for IMAX or 3D)
Small bag of M&Ms - $3
Large popcorn to share - $7
Soda to share - $4
Total - $32

If we had an at-home movie night every weekend we'd spend $24.64 in a month. If we went to a theater each weekend, we'd spend $128 a month! That's an electric bill payment!

Get a free Redbox rental here by reserving a movie online!

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