Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Kevin

It has almost been a year since we brought our cat, Kevin, home with us. He’s nothing special, just a grey tabby from the farm, but we’ve grown pretty fond of him.

We constantly catch him on the countertops, on the end tables, or in the cupboards (yep, he opens them up and climbs right in), but the best place (or the worst) so far has been in our vents. Not only did he figure out how to get the vent covers up from the floor, but he decided to crawl down in the air ducts and travel from room to room. Once we confirmed how he was getting into our bedroom, even when the door was closed, my husband screwed the vent covers down. Kevin mourned over them for days. There must’ve been something wonderful in there – I still catch him pawing at them.

Recently he started licking away the butter from the covered butter dish, which now I’m forced to store in the cupboard or risk losing another entire stick 

Lately he meows all. night. long. and makes tons of noise while having late-night shenanigans. Maybe it’s God’s way of preparing us to have crying babies someday. We already take turns getting up in the middle of the night to shut him up take care of him. Maybe he needs a girlfriend. We'll see.

He sleeps ALL DAY (which explains his middle-of-the-night adventures).

He has an infatuation with the wash machine and dryer.


Leif said...

You forgot the part about where he plays fetch like a damn dog. I have never met a cat quite as intelligent as crazy Kev.

Amanda said...

You're right, Leif! I DID forget! For awhile he really liked to play fetch with the orange wristband from Trista's wedding, but I think he stashed it in his secret hiding place (along with tons of christmas balls, one of my earrings, a CD, and a shot glass).

Jenna said...

Hey Amanda,

Congratulations on your wedding! I looked through your photos and they are gorgeous. You have great taste. I wish we lived closer so we could go thrifting (a WAY better term than "second-hand-store-shopping") together.

Also, this blog post is fabulous. If you ever get Kevin a girlfriend and he knocks her up, can Jon and I adopt the illegitimate kitten?

Amanda said...

Hi Jenna! I'm glad you saw the wedding pictures. Thanks for the compliment! I'd LOVE if we could go thrifting together - stupid distance.

Jeff and I may go look for Kevin's "girlfriend" this weekend! However, we've decided if we get one, she must be spayed. If there's a kitten miracle I'll let you know :)