Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reaching New Heights

Lately Kevin has discovered heights far beyond the floor and couch. I wasn't happy when he started getting up on the kitchen counters (he thought he was being sneaky, but the noise he made moving plates, silverware, or whatever else was left out, wasn't exactly stealthy). But now, he's figured out how to get from the floor, to the counter, to the top of the fridge, to the top of the kitchen cupboards! Also, he gets on top of the storage cupboard in the living room (Urgh!).

The tops of my cupboards are decorated with lots of antiques, thrift store finds and other treasures, and Kevin is making a mess of them. I just keep spraying him with water when I catch him up there, then I put things back where they belong. I'm about to start setting glue traps for him to get stuck in – maybe then he'll understand. Too cruel? Try having a cat destroy everything, then let's talk.

And now for a little game of "What's the Difference."

Good thing I put everything back where it was ...

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