Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

As newlyweds, Jeff and I are good about sharing expenses. There are a few things we take care of on our own, like student loan and credit card payments, and until recently, car insurance.

We were paying separately for car insurance because we thought we were getting good deals. Turns out we were drastically overpaying. After a quick visit to, we ended up getting full coverage for both vehicles for $6 more/month than what Jeff was paying for just liability on his car. That’s about a $600/year savings for us!

I always see the Progressive commercials for their discounts – I'm jaded by comercials and didn’t believe them. After Jeff told me the total for both of us to have full coverage and all the discounts we got, I was amazed. Flo was telling the truth!

I never thought I'd love an insurance company.

P.S. It was really hard for me not to title this “DISCO.” Also, I love Flo.


ellie said...

me and carl switched too, we are now paying almost half what we did for one vehicle, for coverage for three!!! hahaha allstate was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy overpriced!

Karen said...

Ok....I've got to check this out! :)
I love Flo too. Saw a gal in Hy-Vee last Halloween dressed as her. Something for YOU to think about! ;)