Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's almost like HGTV ...

Well folks, we've decided to venture further into adult life and try to buy our first home. I feel like Sandra Rinomato from Property Virgins should be waiting around the corner to tell us the right thing to do ... at least I wish she was.

It's kind of scary and nerve-wrecking, but we'd like to be able to put money into a long-term investment (and have a super-nice house), rather than continuing to pay rent (in our little rented townhouse). I never thought we'd be able to afford a mortgage, but payments on a house would only cost $150 more per month than what we're paying in rent.

Here's what's so scary. We found a house close to my work that we LOVE (seriously, you should see it - it's gorgeous). We've submitted a loan application to see if we can get pre-approved, put $500 in escrow (so nobody else can bid on it for now), and made an offer on it. The offer is contingent on if we get financed, but until we know anything, I'll just have to continue fighting my anxiety (my stomach is in knots and my heart beats fast when I think about it).

As excited, nervous and anxious as I am, I know it may not work out. But everything happens for a reason. I think I'll just be relieved to know either way and find out what we can do to help the process in the future. Keep your fingers crossed!

p.s. If we get the house, you're all invited over for a party!

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