Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy birthday to Jeff!

Happy birthday to my wonderful, handsome, hilarious, loving, handy, super-fun husband, Jeff.

He loves everything I cook (at least pretends to), always makes me smile, and is always there when I need him.

I'm so happy to celebrate another birthday with you and I'm looking forward to many many more. I love you (or in our secret dork language - I wuv you watts and watts of buff buff lay holes and thunderbolts and lightening).

Jeff after he peed his pants. Kidding!
It was an unfortunate (but funny) accident involving rain and folding chairs.
The frame we ended up with because we're too stupid to operate a photo booth.
Ride on.
Memorial Day on the lake (plus manly chesties)
On our honeymoon - near Devil's Tower Wyoming

Balloon photo via Geronimo Balloons.

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Andy said...

Happy Birthday to Jeff! Someone said BAMF the other day and I cracked up and then realized that they didn't mean the same thing I did!