Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unlikely Relief

Over the long weekend, we spent lots of time on the water with family and friends. And for me, that usually means coming home with a ridiculous amount of bug bites. Last weekend was no exception.
I couldn’t sleep for two nights because of the awful itching, so last night at 2 a.m. I was Googling home remedies for treating bug bites. From the way Kevin was pawing my face, I assume he was mad about the cell phone light and just wanted to go back to sleep. His opinion didn’t count right then, so I kept searching.
People suggested all kinds of crazy things – anything from mediocre-working OTC products to insane things like soaking yourself in bleach or ammonia (seriously?). A remedy that consistently was mentioned as a good itch reliever was mouthwash… that or Preparation H, but I had mouthwash on hand.
So Kevin and I made our way to the bathroom. While he explored the inside of the cupboard, I was wiping Listerine-soaked cotton balls all over my feet, legs and arms. That’s normal, right?
It didn’t seem to help right away, so I got a drink of water and headed back to bed. Kevin had already claimed my pillow as his own. When I moved him off, he expressed his dissatisfaction by kneading my stomach and making it his new bed. Awesome.
By the time I moved Kevin again, the mouthwash miracle had begun. The itch was gone! I was so happy to finally get some rest, and so was Kevin. He and I went happily back to bed… sharing my pillow.  

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