Friday, May 11, 2012

Have a Fun Weekend!

Happy Friday! I received May’s Birchbox in the mail yesterday so I’m feeling extra fancy wearing Dior mascara and perfume (like the commercial where the lady goes to the expensive car and talks about endive and Cornish game hens… that’s me today). I also put on bright red lipstick to top off the fanciness. Then at work I was awarded the traveling trophy for extra effort on a huge project, and a co-worker told me I look pretty. Between the Birchbox and the weekend coming, today is turning out to be pretty great (and a self-confidence booster)!
I hope the weekend has more nice things in store, like boating, sunbathing, mojito drinking and a call to mom. (Mom, if you're reading, happy Mother's Day. Love you.)
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I'm not a mom (nor am I planning to be for a while), but images like these make me excited for that chance someday.
Life is a beautiful ride.

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