Friday, December 9, 2011

Have a great weekend!

Kevin lounging in all the ornaments he knocked off the tree.

Since he likes Christmas so much, I got him a sweater.

Happy Friday! We're headed home to Iowa this weekend to have Christmas with my parents, my sister and her family. It's a little early, but it's hard to schedule a time since we all live in different states. The car is loaded down with gifts galore, and we have our snow gear packed in case sledding is in order. I'm so excited to spend a relaxing, fun couple of days with my family (and get presents!).

How drunk you can get at your office holiday party.

Pretty DIY centerpiece.

Christmas music favorites.

Hospital event yesterday (I took the photo!)

Neighbor gift ideas.

Darling engagement shoot.

Jaw-dropping wallpapers.

This is hilarious.

Pink and red outfits (that actually look cute).

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