Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easy Paint Press-on Nails

Hi. I'm Amanda and I'm a nail biter.

I've tried to stop a million times, but I can't. I wear fake nails to hide my shame. Recently I stopped getting my acrylic nails filled because it was getting expensive, and sitting in a nail salon for an hour every two weeks was getting old. I decided to try wearing press-on nails instead. They were working well except for that I couldn't sit still long enough for them to dry. I always had smudges. So I came up with a solution. I bought the nails that have break-off tabs for easy application (I like Broadway, Real Short), held on to the tabs, and painted them a few hours before I glued them on. No more smudges!

Find your nail sizes. File and shape them before you paint.

Hold the tab and apply two coats of polish and a top coat.

One of the tabs broke off so I glued it to the manicure stick so I could still
 paint it. It pulled right off when it was time to glue it on my nail.

Set them on a piece of paper or cardboard to dry (I used the nail box).

I'm excited to paint my next set (I want to get creative since I don't have to worry about trying to paint with my left hand).

Nail color:  e.l.f - Royal Purple

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