Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a Lovely Weekend!

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Where has March gone? It'll be Memorial Day before you know it! I'm ready for summer to be here though. I'm even planning to lay out on the dock tomorrow! It's time I start getting a little color on my pasty-white skin. You know you're too pale when the lightest makeup you can buy is still too dark. :( It's like I'm a Twilight character. And then there's my husband who got his base tan at the beginning of March and is getting darker by the day. Ugh. Maybe I'll just have to become a frequent customer at the Mystic Tanning booth. Don't judge me if you see me and I look like Snooki.

I hope you get to enjoy some nice weather this weekend! Here are some posts from around the Web.

I love free fonts.

A great spring outfit.

Lovely mani.

DIY watering can.

My dream car.

Dashing kitty.

Cute shoes.

The Harry Potter alphabet.

Need these.

Guaranteed to make you giggle (primarily if you love cats).

Cool Redball project.

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