Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Visiting Home

Recently I took a few days off from work to visit my parents at their farm in Iowa. I got in some quality time with mom and the resident cats and dogs, which always are welcoming.
We spent a day celebrating my birthday (more like trying to get over the fact that I’m 25 now… when did I get so old?). Anyway, it was a great day that included hour-long massages; lunch and wine at La Buvette , my favorite little place in Omaha’s Old Market; shopping; and more wine (of course).
Another day was spent lounging in an unlikely place – a horse tank. It’s not very often that I say I hung out all day in a horse tank, but that’s exactly what mom and I did.
We used it as our personal pool-for-two and put our lawn chairs, umbrella, and patio table right in it. We even used a calf bucket as our cooler and hung it from the side. Mom deemed it her “redneck pool.” Pretty fitting, I’d say.

Our frog friend. He lived on the umbrella for the day.

This year mom planted a gorgeous garden, and when I was there, the veggies were sprouting up everywhere. I’m still trying to get through the four grocery bags of food and herbs she sent home with me. Here are some photos of the garden (and the sweet cats and dogs).

Momma cat, Callie, with her twins, Pinky and Brain

Woody roaming the garden

The amazing cabbage patch

Bailey taking a break from a strenuous game of fetch

Woody, the dog and Mister, the cat.



Mister and Pumpkin Head (she has an orange face)

Green tomatoes

Pumpkin Head resting in the shade under the tomato plants

A view of the garden

Baby corn (and some sort of malformed ear of corn)

The cabbage was so pretty.

The bag of herbs mom sent home with me

I love getting to visit home, and don't get to do it enough. I already can’t wait to go back.

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