Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday -- Target REDcard

I’ve written about how much I love Target before, but if you can believe it, they have another reason for me to love them.
If you’ve been to Target in the last six months or so, they’ve probably asked you if you want to sign up for their REDcard. I always say no to store cards, but this one is different. You have the option for it to be a debit card that comes straight out of your checking account (no credit!), and you get 5 percent off your purchase every time you use it! That’s $5 you get to keep for every $100 you spend!
It seems like I’m at Target a lot (I am), and if I spend $50 there each month, that’s a $30 savings in a year! It’s like having a coupon every time I go in … and I love coupons.
Bonus: it’s easy to sign up for! Just take in a blank check (it took me for. ev. er. to remember one), they’ll run it through a machine, give you a temporary card, and your real card comes in the mail around a week later. Then, let the savings begin!
The card has other benefits, including free shipping from, 1 percent donation to an area school of your choice, pharmacy rewards and more.
Want one? Head to Target (with a blank check) or visit

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