Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Target Deals

When I was younger, I didn't understand why my mom didn't care for clothes shopping. Now I get it. First, who has time to just shop? Normally, I want in and out of the store. And then, if I actually find something I like, it costs more than I want to spend -- if I find something I like that's reasonable, many times it's cheaply made and will only be good for a few uses. Finding a balance between the two can be hard. That's where my beloved Target comes in.

I've told you before how much I love Target's clearance racks, but here's proof that shopping from them can save you money.

Here are my purchases from a recent trip.

Wedges (I actually bought the same pair last fall for $7(!), but I wear them so much, I'm happy to have a replacement waiting in the closet)

          Original price: $29.99
          Clearance price: $14.99

Camis (You can't have too many black and white tank tops)

          Original price: $8 each
          Clearance price: $4 each

Cardigan (Again, you can't have too many)

          Original price: $24.99
          Clearance price: $12.48

Total original price: $70.89
Total clearance price: $35.47

I'll be over here enjoying the $35.42 I saved.

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