Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I know I’m probably the last woman on Earth to be reading Fifty Shades of Grey – better late than never, I guess (I’m not sure if that actually applies to scandalous romance novels or not).
I started reading it on Saturday and couldn’t put it down. It reads fast and easy, and has a tempting story line that makes you want to know more. I’m only to page 80, and I just read the first of the love scenes… it was intense, but not inappropriate. Descriptive would be a good word for it.
What I really like is that the main character, Anastasia, is funny. Her inner dialogue reminds me of ridiculous conversations with my best friends. If she was real, I think we’d get along. (Is is weird that I always make that assessment when reading books?)
Have you read it? Does it get racier than the first elevator encounter? (I’m going to guess so.) Maybe it’s a good thing Jeff is working extra hours training for his new job this week. More time for me to read!
Have you read anything good lately?
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